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Corrugated Bundler

Polychem’s operatorless automatic arch strapping machines provide reliable high speed service for a variety of applications.  They were designed for most in-line industrial production, including graphic arts, cut-size paper, packaged foods, and carton closure.  Super heavy duty construction enables these to strap light (magazines) to heavy (ceramic tile) loads.

The CB4000 in line corrugated bundler incorporates the latest servo motor technology that provides the ultimate in reliability. This technology also provides high speed production rates, 40% less moving parts and minimal maintenance requirements. The CB4000 includes new and exclusive features only available on this innovative in line corrugated bundler. All features are standard and are included with no additional cost.


  • Up to 30 straps/minute*
  • Machine designed with the mechanic in mind: easy access, easy assembly and disassembly, minimal maintenance
  • Mitsubishi programmable logic controller with input/output diagnostics
  • Outside easy loading reel with easy access
  • Fully automatic strap threading
  • Pre-lubricated sealed bearings throughout
  • Easy to understand control panel
  • Interlock connections to communicate with other equipment
  • Solid state switches and photocells for reliability
  • Loop ejector to eject accidentally actuated straps
  • Complete safety interlocks
  • Seven digit, non-resettable maintenance counter
  • Long life heater blade with smoke exhaust system
  • Heavy duty knurled steel roller conveyor
  • Highly visible machine status light pole
  • Optional Features
  • Quick change reel
  • Spare reel
  • Box frame height for additional height adjustment

Product Details