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Not only is our polyester strapping green... but since 1982, so is our company!

Polychem's polyester strapping is made from 100% recycled polyester (RPET), with 60% or more post-consumer content.* Strap cores are made from a minimum of 92% recycle content and are reusable and fully recyclable.

Polyester strapping is a recycle product.

With Polychem's wholly owned subsidiary, Evergreen Plastics LTD.®, we are vertically integrated and by using RPET resin, Polychem can produce strapping that:

  • Requires less energy use
  • Produces less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Make us less dependent on foreign oil
  • Saves land fill space
  • Provides a better value product for our customers
  • Can be recycled again


About 25% of Polychem's Polyester strapping is chopped and returned to close the loop.

We recycle over 95 million pounds of PET beverage bottles at Evergreen Plastics every year.


Clear flake

Green flake

Green Pellet

Clear Pellet

LNO Pellet


Bottles to RPET Clam Shells/Blisters

Bottles to Polyester Strapping

Bottles to Bottles

The Polyester Strapping Advantage

  • Less expensive than steel strapping
  • Safer to use, handle and dispose
  • Up to 4 times lighter, easier to carry, and requires less warehouse space
  • Cleaner; will not stain or rust on products
  • Less packaging and freight cost
  • Can be used without metal seals
  • Elastic memory - keeps packaging "tight"


*Primarily PET Beverage bottles.