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Polychem truck full of products

To expand Polychem's core competencies beyond plastic strapping extrusion technology, Polychem has grown its business through strategic partnerships, expansion or acquisitions of manufacturing companies in load securement packaging consumables and equipment.

Today, Polychem manufactures and offers the broadest line of polyester, polypropylene and cord strapping in the industry. In addition, Polychem offers a full suite of complementary equipment, tools, accessories and fully integrated equipment. Polychem provides value across price, service, and quality.

This is only the beginning

Polychem continues to expand its products and services to better serve our growing customer base.

Polychem Companies

Evergreen Plastics

Founded in July 1998, Evergreen Plastics, a division of Polychem, was strategically created to ensure Polychem has a low cost quality supply of polyester resign. Evergreen, already one of the nation's largest plastic (PET) bottle recyclers, takes curbside bales of plastic soft drink bottles and recycles them into re-useable crystallized pellets for the production of polyester strapping.

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Polychem OMS Systems LLC

Polychem, owner of the majority interest of OMS America has merged with FDM Corporation into Polychem OMS Systems. Polychem first acquired OMS America in 2003 in a strategic Partnership with OMS of Italy.

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