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Polychem Product Specifications and Additional Information

Reference Library

Looking for more information on a Polychem product or service? Polychem has published several product catalogs, a multitude of catalog sheets and over a dozen videos that reveal further features/benefits and specifications on our products and services. We pride ourselves in the full color photography and videography that clearly provides the additional knowledge needed to help you make the correct purchasing decision. Lastly, since we all know that knowledge is power, be sure to use the power of Polychem's instructional videos and our Product Identification Tool.

Download Literature and Manuals

Polychem's Full Line Catalog, Tools & Accessories Catalog, Spanish Catalog, and Quebec Catalog along with our full array of individual catalog sheets are available on line to view or download and print if you desire. Here you will find the most up to date information on our products and services. For your convenience Polychem's features/ benefits and specifications are available in PDF format.

Watch Videos

See Polychem's tools and equipment running "live" in actual operation in one of our instructional videos. From our basic manual tools to our largest integrated systems, one can view and learn from the comfort of ones business or mobile office. All videos are downloadable on to ones PC for convenience and portability. See first hand how our innovative design and reliable performance has made Polychem an industry leader for over five decades.

Identify Our Products

Since Polychem makes plastic strapping guaranteed to work in all respective manufacturers' equipment; do you have a strapping product you would like to find in Polychem comparable? Be sure to try Polychem's Product Identification Tool. Just fill in the appropriate information boxes and Polychem will automatically determine the corresponding comparable strapping product.

Find Answers

If you still have a question that you still have not found the answer to, first try to find your answer in Polychem's frequently asked questions section. Here the most common questions regarding strapping, equipment, and accessories is addressed for your convenience. The information is organized by category to save you time. If you still have not found your answer then proceed to contact us.

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