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PC2000CX Automatic In Line Arch Strapper
PC2000CX Automatic In Line Arch Strapper

Fully Automatic Arch Strapper

Polychem’s operatorless automatic arch strapping machines provide reliable high speed service for a variety of applications. They were designed for most in-line industrial production, including graphic arts, cut-size paper, packaged foods, and carton closure. Super heavy duty construction enables these to strap light (magazines) to heavy (ceramic tile) loads.

The PC2000CX stainless steel, fully automatic strapping machine is for the protein market. The machine is capable of up to 65 straps per minute; production bottle necks are virtually eliminated with this high rate of throughput.


  • Robust and Compact Strapping Head
  • Standard arch size - 25" W x 19" H
  • Free access to Strap Guides (patents registered)
  • Electronic Tension Control/Auto Strap Ejector
  • Dual Photo Eyes/ Siemens PLC Control
  • Hinged Top Plates (7 gauge)/ Splash Guard Over Seal Head
  • Dual cylinder pneumatic press for agility and finely tuned package compression
  • Pneumatic air gun for easy maintenance cleaning
  • Extra wide HD locking castors to handle quick movements in and out of station
  • Fixed strap cutter near strap coil for convenience
  • Multiple strap function for single, double, continuous or transit mode
  • Belt-driven table with variable conveyor speed between 10 and 60 meter/min
  • Up and down stream interlock with complete plug connection
  • Easy reversible package flow
  • Loop ejector

Product Details

Fully Automatic Bundling Machine for the Protein Market