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Lumber & Panels

lumber panelsPolyester is now the standard strap for securing loads of dimensional, OSB, MDF and treated lumber.

Primarily an automatic strapping station is utilized to apply the strap. Two or three straps are applied to each "lift". Batens are strapped to the bottom of each load to facilitate fork truck entry and stacking. Certain products are AAR approved by the American Association of Railroads for rail transit for open top and closed car railway shipments. Polychem manufactures a product for every application.

High Tensile Polyester for Dimensional Lumber

Polychem's polyester strapping is ideal for dimensional lumber applications. Many of our products are AAR (American Association of Railroads) approved for open top and closed rail shipments . The polyester strapped load presents an improved clean appearance and is now being demanded by most home centers and lumber yards for safety and liability concerns. Notice how the bottom loads stay packaged tight due to the elastic properties of polyester plastic strapping.

OSB, MDF, Plywood and Panels

For the same reasons as dimensional lumber, polyester plastic strapping is the strap of choice for OSB, MDF, particle, fiberboard and plywood panels. Anyway you stack it, it pays to package with superior performing polyester plastic strapping.

Superior Characteristics

Polychem's high tensile strength polyester strapping offers a superior product at a lower cost per foot than steel strapping. In addition, most applications will be sealless, eliminating the extra cost and inventory of metal seals. More efficient, the typical polyester coil weights about half as much as a coil of steel and has more than twice the footage, reducing time consuming coil changeovers. For improved impact resistance, stain resistance, weather resistance, elongation, recovery, disposability and safety, polyester has no equal. When you combine all the above advantages with the fact that your customers are demanding it, the choice is clearly polyester strapping.


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