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The highest quality palletizing and unitizing equipment at the lowest cost of ownership

Can and Bottle

Polychem can and bottle unitizers are the industries most prevalent because of their outstanding performance and value.They provide the lowest total cost of ownership and address the number one concern; retained tension. Whether it be metal, paper, aluminum cans or glass, polypropylene, or PET bottles Polychem has the strapping system of choice. Polychem offers two basic Can & Bottle machines.

Side Seal

Polychem's PCBU side seal machine is the industry standard for cans, glass, and PET bottles. Listed below are some of its features:

  • Electronic compression system
  • Tough reliable OMS TRCB strapping head (TR-19 for glass bottles)
  • Heat seal-fewer moving parts-less repairs
  • Pallet void feeder
  • Strong, sturdy, extruded steel frame
  • Stainless steel track system
  • Heavy duty steel dispensers
  • Operates with 3/8”, 7/16”, and 1/2” polyester strapping

Can and Bottle MachineTraversing Top Seal

Polychem's PTTS traversing top seal machine is designed especially for the PET bottle industry. The PTTS has all the standard features of the Polychem side seal machine with the exception of the traversing top seal. The top seal provides more even tension and vastly increases the integrity of the load. The PTTS moves forward applying all straps in one direction, then rotates the load and traverses back to apply all straps in the other direction - all while the load is stationary. More even tension + less movement of the load = increased productivity.

The number one concern is Retained Tension
  • Polychem's MPC 382E, the ultimate strapping for the can & bottle industry.
  • With Polychem's MPC 382E one can pull the same tension and achieve greater retained tension up to 20%.*
  • MPC 382E in extra long length coils; 3/8" x .015 x 14,500'
  • Contact Polychem for peak performance and your lowest cost of ownership


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