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Automatic Arch Strapper - Offline


The PC1000P (with dual press) is ideal to strap compressible material such as corrugated papers, paper sheets, plastic sheets, bags...etc.


  • Cycle speeds up to 47 straps per minute (depending on arch size)
  • German DC brushless motor technology (stepper motors)
  • No belts, clutches, or pulleys. 30% fewer parts, less maintenance, and items to go wrong
  • Waist high quick chance coil and strap feed
  • easy access Operational Control Panel
  • Front Foot-Bar Pedal plus moveable footswitch
  • One piece strap chute
  • Sensor controlled heater
  • End of coil strap ejector/loop ejector
  • Electronic brake
  • Adjustable table height 32"-36"
  • Lockable casters
  • Dual Pneumatic Press

Product Details