Corrugated Squaring Bundler CB4000SQ
The highest quality palletizing and unitizing equipment at the lowest cost of ownership



Polychem’s lumber press secures loads of lumber, plywood, O.S.B., M.D.F, and particle board with our AAR approved 5/8" polyester strap to improve production efficiency and reduce cost. Our ruggedly designed system can be outfitted with automatic dual or magazine bunk feeders to increase production throughput. In addition, our system can be outfitted with automatic top and bottom edge protection to prevent strap indentation or damage to your lumber and panel products. Polychem’s PLTS is equipped with a high speed TR19HT strapping head which heat seals our polyester for safe and consistent joint efficiency. Our AAR approved strap is available in standard or jumbo coils to increase production uptime. Additional options include semi-automatic press operation with tool and balancer, tank heater for cold weather operation, and additional entry and discharge conveyor.


  • Solid state Allen-Bradley SLC- 500 Controls
  • 460 volt/3 phase/40 amp service required
  • Touch screen operator interface panel
  • TR19HT high tension strapping head
  • Automatic heater blade cleaning cycle
  • Cycle time of 13 to 15 seconds per strap
  • Seal 5/8" AAR polyester strap
  • Heavy Duty - extruded aluminum strap track
  • Top and side compression
  • Distance between side press centerline and strap center line is 18"
  • Minimum load height: 20"
  • Maximum load height: 56"
  • Minimum load width: 22"
  • Maximum load width: 58"
  • Top compression: Up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Side compression: Up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Conveyor height: 15" T.O.R. (top of rollers)
  • Conveyor speed: 50 feet/minute


  • Semi automatic press operation available with tool and balancer
  • Tank heater for cold weather operation
  • Hydraulic bottom bunk device (dual or magazine)
  • Top and bottom edge protectors
  • Spare head
  • Fully operational test stand
  • Jumbo coil dispenser stand
  • Additional dispenser stands
  • PLC modem connection

Additional Options
  • Additional entry/discharge conveyor

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